Online class

Your true identity

Professional Identity based on your deepest source

18/10, 25/10 and 8/11 | 18.00-20.00 hour CET

For whom?

  • You are building your own business or practice
  • Or you are an employee and are looking for more direction and purpose in your career
  • You want to create a clearer and stronger professional identity
  • You wish to work and live more from your unique, authentic inspiration
  • You want to discover and apply the power and usefulness of consciousness meditation


In this course you look at your professional identity from a higher perspective. This helps you to put yourself and your work authentically and clearly.

But what is it, "being authentic?'

The big point is that you don't come to an authentic identity by just thinking about it. Because a 'invented' self-image does not always lead to long-term success.

The solution lies in the deeper experiencing of who you are inside. And become more aware and let go of who you are not.

From this experience of your essence, inspiration, direction and plans for how to put yourself and your practice, business or career arise.

In the 3 sessions you will learn how to get to your own authentic identity through meditation and conversation. Simple and easy.


  • The difference between personality / ego and your authentic core / essence
  • 'Being yourself," that's what it is.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs, memories and resistances
  • Get rid of everything that distracts you from your goal and mission

  • How to meditate in a simple and non-mental way
  • Preventing pitfalls when meditating

    The meditations come from the audio course "Your True Identity" of Sanaya Roman and Orin, foundations of the LightBody meditation.


18/10, 25/10 and 8/11
From 18.00 - 20.00 hour CET

Online via Zoom

Early Bird until 30/9 : 180 € (incl. vat)

from 1/10: 210 € (incl. vat)


  • Recordings for each participant
  • All meditations separately on MP3
  • Email follow-up up to 1 month after the course.

    It is not necessary to have experience in meditating.

    Each meditation invites you to work with your own examples or challenges. In this way the class becomes practical and interactive. I also give many examples of how I apply this meditation work to my own (professional) life.

    For optimal results, it is important that you meditate regularly between sessions.
Enrollment starts July 1st