In addition to my work as a market researcher, I offer workshops on consciousness meditation; also called lightwork or energy work.

In online or live workshops you will learn how to get closer to your essence, your original nature, using this meditation form. This way you can put your best potential in the world. You will also find more peace, overview and harmony in yourself and in your relationships.

Isn't that what we all want in the end?

This form of meditation is a powerful remedy for the preponderance of the mental world we live in. It is also a boost for your personal and spiritual growth.

Find out below what consciousness meditation can do for you:

Getting to know via Miniclasses (spring 2024)

  • Interactive webinars on recognizable working themes
  • For entrepreneurs and employees
  • A practical introduction to consciousness meditation: introduction, conversation, meditation exercises and feedback. You work with your own themes so that you immediately notice the effect. It is not necessary to have meditation experience

Diving into the depths (fall 2024)

Online class

'Illuminating your mind'

From a calm mind to new inspiration

20/9, 27/9 and 4/10

18.00-20.00 CET

Online cursus

'Personal branding 2.0'

Professional identity from your deepest inspiration

18/10, 25/10 and 8/11

18.00-20.00 hour CET