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Online class

'Illuminating your mind'

From a calm mind to new inspiration

20/9, 27/9 and 4/10

18.00 - 20.00 CET

For whom?

  • You work a lot with your head and want to experience more peace, overview and balance
  • You seek more contact with your intuition, potential and creativity
  • You want to discover the power and usefulness of consciousness meditation

We think too much. On top of that comes all that information that is fired at us every day.

That busy mind hangs like a veil over our intuition. There is a stagnation of innovation, potential and creativity.

As a result, we are short of who we are deep down, and we are not fully aligned with new information that comes from a deeper place.

In three sessions you will learn how to calm that mind through meditation, conversation and feedback, and how to get deeper contact with your intuition, creativity and potential.

Content of the class

  • Calming the chatter in your head
  • Free yourself from limiting thoughts and concepts
  • Let go of worry
  • Experience new information for your challenges, plans and projects
  • Open up to new possibilities

  • Meditating in a simple and non-mental way
  • Preventing pitfalls when meditating

    This class is based on the audio course of Sanaya Roman and Orin (cofounders of the Lightbody meditation), named "Illuminating Your Mind - Transcending the Ego-series part 4"


Fridays 20/9, 27/9 and 4/10
From 18.00- 20.00 hour CET

Online via Zoom

Early Bird until 31/8 : 180 € (incl. vat)

from 1/9: 210 € (incl. vat)


  • Recordings for each participant
  • All meditations separately on MP3
  • Email follow-up up to 1 month after the course.

    It is not necessary to have experience in meditating.

    Each meditation invites you to work with your own examples or challenges. In this way the class becomes practical and interactive. I also give many examples of how I apply this meditation work to my own (professional) life.

    For optimal results, it is important that you meditate regularly between sessions.
Enrollment starts July 1st