In addition to my work as a qualitative market researcher, I have been practicing 'consciousness meditation' for 25 years' (also called lightwork or energy work). It has become an inner compass for me for renewal, inner peace and more harmony in life and works.

Due to too much thinking, reasoning and analysis, we often miss the information that comes from our deepest source.

Consciousness is infinite, as is your own potential and creative power. By developing this further, you not only do yourself a great favor, but also change your appearance to colleagues, customers, friends and family.

Training and teacher training in various meditation traditions, but especially my own evolution inspired me to develop workshops on current themes, for a professional target group.

My main source of inspiration is the work of the late Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, founders of 'Light Body Awakening'. I have been following courses in the US for many years, and at the Lightbody Institute in Bruges.

On my LinkedIn profile you will find more information about my background and training.